Suspects in attempted murder captured near TMH, prompting school lockouts

On Thursday, two suspects who were wanted for attempted murder were apprehended by law enforcement near Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. As a result, four schools in Leon County were put on lockout for safety precautions.

Two individuals have been apprehended by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office on suspicion of attempted murder in Dothan, Alabama. During the investigation, authorities uncovered a vehicle that was believed to belong to one of the suspects at the TMH location.

Due to the ongoing investigation in Houston County, LCSO has chosen not to disclose the identities of the two suspects involved.

Four schools in the Tallahassee area were on lockout earlier this week: Elizabeth Cobb Middle School, Hartsfield Elementary School, Kate Sullivan Elementary School, and Leon High School. However, as of Thursday, the lockout has been lifted.

According to Chris Petley, the district spokesperson, it is a typical scenario to witness a law enforcement presence near school campuses.

When the campus faces security concerns, a lockout is enforced to ensure that no unauthorized individuals can enter the school premises. This is a precautionary measure that helps maintain a safe environment for everyone within the school building.

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office has recently been awarded by an international organization for their groundbreaking ‘Anatomy of a Homicide’ project. The project has been recognized as a pioneering effort in the field of law enforcement for its innovative approach to investigating and solving homicide cases.

The award highlights the LCSO’s dedication to utilizing cutting-edge techniques and technologies to ensure justice is served for victims of violent crime. The project’s success has not only helped solve numerous cases but has also inspired other law enforcement agencies to adopt similar strategies in their investigations.

The recognition is a testament to the hard work and commitment of the LCSO team who have worked tirelessly to bring justice to victims and their families. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, and this award is a well-deserved acknowledgment of their outstanding achievements.

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