She spent her final moments in Indianapolis: a bar, a bowling alley, and a CCTV glitch that could provide the clue

The perplexing case of a young lady who went missing from Indianapolis in 2021 has been further complicated by a mysterious security camera malfunction. The incident has left authorities scratching their heads, as they try to piece together what happened to the woman.

Kirsten Brueggeman, a young woman from Indianapolis, had a passion for reading and a soft spot for animals. Her bubbly personality, determination, and wit were admired by those who knew her. Kirsten, who was 26 years old, lived with her parents, Lisa and Rex. She had been in a tumultuous relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Eddie, for a decade but they eventually separated at the beginning of 2020. Despite this, they remained close friends.

Kirsten began her shift at Cici’s pizzeria on January 2, 2021. Since she didn’t have her own transportation, she relied on her parents to drop her off at work. After completing her shift that evening, she let her mother, Lisa, know that she had plans with friends and wouldn’t need a ride back home. Unfortunately, things took an unexpected turn when Kirsten didn’t return home as planned. Lisa grew increasingly worried as she tried to reach out to Kirsten but received no response.

Kirsten’s sudden disappearance was a cause for concern, especially since she was known for her punctuality and had missed her shift the next day. Lisa and Rex were worried and didn’t know what to do, so they decided to contact Eddie for help. Eddie shared his account of the evening when he met Kirsten at Manley’s Irish Mutt bar. Kirsten had too much to drink and got into an argument, leading to her damaging a friend’s car. Eventually, she was left in a parking lot, and that was the last time Eddie saw her.

After reviewing the security footage, the police found that Eddie and his friends were not involved in Kirsten’s disappearance. The footage showed Kirsten, appearing slightly disoriented, heading towards All-Star Bowl and later near a YMCA. However, a strange camera malfunction at Abbey Meadows Apartments created a gap in the footage, leaving it unclear whether Kirsten went towards the complex known for housing several SOs. Many have speculated that the sudden time-lapse in the camera was a deliberate act of tampering, possibly by someone who had knowledge of her whereabouts.

There has been speculation about Kirsten’s struggles with alcohol, but her decision to head towards Abbey Meadows is puzzling since she didn’t have any ties to the area. It’s possible that she may have become disoriented and lost her bearings that night.

Despite two years having passed since Kirsten’s disappearance, the search for her continues. During the time of her disappearance, she was last seen wearing a black jacket, blue denim, and a grey hat. She was carrying a white backpack with her. Kirsten, who would be 28 years old today, has yet to be found.

If you have any leads or information that could be helpful, please don’t hesitate to contact IMPD at 317-327-6160. There is a reward of $10,000 available for valuable information that could assist in the investigation.

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