Police arrest suspect who encouraged and filmed fatal overdose at Rice Festival

According to KLFY, a suspect has been arrested by Crowley Police in connection with two separate deaths during the recent International Rice Festival.

During the festival, Quintoya Meaux, a 22-year-old resident of Crowley, was apprehended by authorities in connection with two incidents. One of the incidents involved recording a video of a person who was experiencing a fatal drug overdose.

In March of 2022, Meaux was accused of being involved in a first-degree homicide, resulting in her being charged with three counts of conspiracy. Unfortunately, no additional information has been made available regarding the specifics of this incident.

According to authorities, Meaux has been accused of using a camera to record a video while watching and urging the subject to consume a lethal amount of narcotics. Tragically, the individual passed away shortly after.

The incident led to Meaux’s arrest on a single count of negligent homicide.

No information was disclosed regarding the specifics of the bond.

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