Man Shot in Brooklyn Home Depot Parking Dispute Succumbs to Injuries

According to authorities, Imani Sharpless sadly passed away due to the injuries she sustained following a parking dispute. This tragic news was announced on Thursday, leaving many heartbroken.

Authorities have identified a potential suspect in the shooting that occurred on Saturday around midday at the intersection of Willoughby Avenue and Sanford Street.

During the altercation over a parking spot, Sharpless was accompanied by her boyfriend, Cordel McDuffie, who is 36 years old.

According to reports, the individual of interest in the case has been linked to a Mercedes Benz that was found in the parking lot after the shooting. Detectives have successfully retrieved the firearm used in the incident, as well as the clothes that were discarded by the suspect.

According to their investigation, both the suspect and male victim were competing for the same parking spot, which led to a heated argument. Eventually, the gunman managed to secure the spot.

After that, the victims decided to spend their time waiting in front of the Home Depot. The male would go inside to do some shopping while his girlfriend waited in the car.

According to police surveillance footage, the gunman emerged first and waited for his accomplice to follow suit. He bided his time and waited for the area to clear out before taking aim, as shown in the video.

On Monday, McDuffie shared his thoughts on Sharpless while lying in his hospital bed.

According to him, she is an incredibly beautiful person who has a genuine love for children and an infectious zest for life. He described her as a kind and compassionate individual who is simply a good person. It’s hard for him to believe that something so trivial could lead to such a massive upheaval. The situation is simply overwhelming for him.

The authorities have yet to make any arrests and are continuing their investigation. If you have any information regarding the matter, please do not hesitate to contact the police.

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