Passaic Sheriff: Tipster Helps Detectives Catch Drug Dealer with Gun and Previous Conviction in Bergen County

Might’ve been a rival, considering the location — one of the deadliest drug corners in Paterson.

Rewritten Paragraph: It is possible that the person was a rival considering the location where the incident happened. The place is known to be one of the most dangerous drug corners in Paterson.

Perhaps, it was someone with a personal vendetta seeking revenge.

According to Passaic County Sheriff Richard H. Berdnik, the individual who provided information in the middle of Monday afternoon on October 16th gave more than sufficient details.

As the small crowd gathered outside the store on the infamous corner that has been a site of several shootings over the years, a description of the supposed gunman’s attire was shared. According to reports, the individual was wearing a cream-colored sweatshirt, jeans, and eye-catching red sneakers.

According to the sheriff, the Warrant Squad Division, Patrol Division, and Emergency Response Team members were quick to spot Steven A. Fields, a 31-year-old from Paterson.

According to his account, he was engrossed in a conversation with two women who were sitting inside an SUV.

According to Berdnik, Fields was approached by detectives and at one point, he threw something into the vehicle.

According to the sheriff, Fields was searched and discovered to be in possession of 50 heroin folds labeled “Wakanda” and 10 vials of crack.

According to Berdnik, they were also able to retrieve the item that was thrown into the SUV. The item in question was a black and silver 9mm Taurus G2C, which had been previously reported as stolen.

Upon conversing with the group of individuals on the street corner, several detectives were able to identify a particular member by the name of Dontell Tyrieck Ward. This 32-year-old man had previously evaded court appearances after being caught by Elmwood Park police in possession of a gun and a magazine with large capacity in 2020.

Fields was apprehended by the sheriff’s detectives along with Ward, a resident of Paterson who was found carrying 17 vials of crack.

According to reports, Ward has been charged with drug possession and has been ordered to be held due to an outstanding warrant from Bergen County. Fields, on the other hand, is facing charges for possessing an illegal firearm, high-capacity magazine, and drugs, along with other related offenses.

As of Wednesday, both individuals are still in custody at the Bergen County Jail and are awaiting their initial court appearances at the Central Judicial Processing Court located in Paterson.

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