Mayor Eric Adams tells asylum seekers: Do not come to New York City

In what seems like an unusual move, Mayor Eric Adams of New York is embarking on a journey to dissuade asylum seekers from coming to the city. He hopes to encourage them to explore other options and avoid making the trip to New York altogether.

Asylum seekers have been increasing at a rate of over 4,000 per week in New York City, resulting in a lack of space. To address this issue, Mayor Adams has decided to embark on a journey to Central and South America. His goal is to spread the message that asylum seekers should not come to New York City as they will not find the necessary accommodations. As per his recent statement, he believes it is crucial to spread awareness about the current situation and help people make informed decisions.

Adams expressed his desire to provide the residents of those areas with an accurate depiction of the current situation in New York City.

Starting Wednesday, Adams will be on a four-day journey that will take him through Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, and the perilous Darién Gap. This stretch of jungle, situated along the border of Panama and Colombia, is known to be treacherous and is frequently traversed by asylum seekers on their way to the United States.

Adams shared that they will make it clear that visiting New York City does not guarantee a luxurious stay at a five-star hotel. He also emphasized that coming to the city does not automatically entitle anyone to work.

According to the administration, the purpose of the trip is to break down the misinformation pipeline that convinces asylum seekers to continue crossing the border, despite the limited housing and legal work opportunities available in New York City.

According to Camille Joseph Varlack, Chief of Staff for Adams, New Yorkers need to be ready for long lines in the upcoming weeks and months due to the recent surge at the border. Apparently, New York City has already reached its capacity and will struggle to cope with the increasing demands.

In light of the recent increase in asylum seekers, Adams has taken action by requesting a temporary suspension of New York City’s longstanding policy of providing shelter to all adults who request it. He has argued that the current right-to-shelter law should be put on hold on an emergency basis to address the city’s current situation. Adams’ proposal was made in court on Tuesday and is now under consideration.

The Legal Aid Society and the Coalition for the Homeless have strongly reacted to the recent news. They stated that this is the most significant and harmful attempt by the city to go back on its legal and ethical responsibility of offering secure and comfortable shelter to those who have no homes. This is the worst retreat from their obligation since the right to shelter was established 42 years ago.

On Wednesday evening, the mayor is scheduled to visit Mexico City as his first destination.

According to the New York Immigration Coalition, the mayor’s trip is not the best use of his time, and he should prioritize improving the city’s shelter system instead.

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