Man in NYC shot while attempting to thwart robber climbing in through window in home invasion

According to sources and the police, a home invasion robbery in Queens resulted in a man being shot and left in critical condition. The assailant seemed to have specifically targeted the victim.

According to authorities, a group of eight individuals wearing masks approached the residence of a 31-year-old man on 62nd Avenue, close to 138th Street in Flushing at approximately 5:30 a.m. The victim was inside his home at the time.

According to police sources, the investigation team obtained video footage from the homeowner that captured the crew breaking up into small groups of two or three people and attempting to gain entry into the house through the front, side, and back entrances.

According to authorities, a brave victim tried to resist the intruders even after one of them broke the front window and entered the home. Despite the danger, the person pushed back the intruder and attempted to keep them outside.

According to the authorities, during the incident, one of the cohorts who was positioned outside the property, fired shots that hit the victim in both his chest and arm.

According to authorities, the crew managed to grab $800 in cash and an iPad before making their escape.

According to authorities, four individuals managed to escape in an SUV, while the remaining four fled on foot.

According to the authorities, the injured person was transported to NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Hospital in critical condition.

According to the victim’s downstairs neighbor, they barged in and demanded to know, “Where is the money?” as reported by The Post on Wednesday.

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