Judge Sentences Man Who Shot NYPD Cops in 2020 Rampage to Prison: ‘Your Life is Essentially Over

In the Bronx, New York, Robert Williams, who was found guilty of firing shots at police officers in two different instances, made his way into a courtroom on Friday. Brian Hanlon, one of the NYPD officers who Williams attempted to murder, gave him a piece of his mind. The incident was previously reported when Williams opened fire on police officers.

According to Hanlon, the thought of the situation had been on his mind for two years straight. He finds solace in the fact that the perpetrator’s life has essentially ended. Hanlon expresses concern that if the perpetrator were to be released someday, they would attempt to commit the same act. For the sake of everyone involved, Hanlon hopes that this individual does not live long enough to have the opportunity to do so.

In a negotiated plea deal, Williams, who is 49 years old, admitted to two counts of attempted murder. As a result, he was handed a sentence of 23 years to life in prison.

During his court hearing on Friday, Williams expressed his dissatisfaction with the way he was treated, stating, “Y’all beat me up and Tased me and swept it under the rug.” Despite acknowledging his poor choices, he extended apologies to his family and the police officer, while also clarifying that he had not attempted to harm anyone.

After a few moments, the Judge highlighted the fact that Williams had already made a number of self-incriminating statements regarding his intention to harm police officers, which were recorded. He even expressed his desire to repeat the act once he is released from prison.

According to Judge Ralph Fabrizio, your actions are unforgivable. While he is unsure of how the world will be in 2043, he is certain that your actions will be recorded for posterity.

According to Pat Hendry, the President of the Police Benevolent Association, the members of the NYPD’s biggest union will always remember what Williams did.

Hendry expressed his disappointment, stating that the violent criminal would have another chance at freedom in 23 years. He emphasized that they would be vigilant in ensuring that the criminal remains behind bars where he rightfully belongs.

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