Man’s Vehicle Contains Pound of Marijuana and Kilo of Cocaine

Authorities in Marion Township, Pennsylvania, reported that a man was apprehended for allegedly carrying cocaine and marijuana in his vehicle. The suspect attempted to evade the police but was eventually subdued with a taser and taken into custody.

According to Trooper Shane Eichelberger, Tony Robert Jones, a 34-year-old from Johnstown, denied smoking marijuana and claimed that there was nothing in his vehicle when he was pulled over while driving west on I-80 in Centre County on September 14th.

The affidavit stated that the dark window tint of the Nissan sedan caught the attention of the authorities. As the troopers approached the vehicle, they claimed to have smelled marijuana. Moreover, they found several air fresheners and multiple cell phones inside the car, which belonged to Jones.

According to the trooper, Jones was searched and no weapons were found on him, however, he was found to have a considerable amount of cash totaling over a thousand dollars in his pocket.

Upon investigating Jones’ criminal record, it was discovered that he had faced charges for both “persons not to possess a firearm” and “carrying a firearm without a permit” in Cambria County just this past April. Moreover, authorities found that he had a history of weapon and drug-related offenses in New York, with the exact number of these offenses being described as “numerous.”

According to the complaint, Jones was on a trip from Queens, NY, to Johnstown, Pa., and when Eichelberger refused the police’s request to search the vehicle, they informed him that a narcotics K9 unit would be called in. At this point, Jones tried to get back into the vehicle by running to the passenger side, as per investigators.

During the arrest of Jones, one of the troopers ended up breaking his finger. After the Miranda Rights were read to Jones, the troopers asked him about any drugs in the vehicle. Jones reportedly admitted to having a substantial amount of cocaine inside the car. Additionally, he was found to be carrying $1,813 in cash at the time of his arrest, according to the troopers.

According to reports, Jones reportedly admitted to possessing a pound of marijuana and a kilo of cocaine in his vehicle.

Jones faced more difficulties even after his drug discovery. Officer Eichelberger mentioned that, during Jones’ attempt to escape, his car was accidentally put in neutral and ended up colliding with the patrol vehicle.

Jones is facing a multitude of charges, including first-degree felony for knowingly possessing property obtained through illegal means, aggravated assault, flight to avoid apprehension, resisting arrest, possession of a controlled substance, possession with intent, use or possession of drug paraphernalia, following too closely, and improper sun screening.

During a preliminary arraignment, Judge Gregory Koehle refused to grant Jones bail.

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