Jefferson County treasurer asks Texans to oppose Proposition 12, which would abolish Galveston County’s treasurer

The treasurer of Jefferson County is encouraging Texans to vote against Proposition 12, a proposal that would result in the elimination of the treasurer’s office in Galveston County. This move could have significant implications, and the treasurer is urging his fellow citizens to consider the potential impact of this decision before casting their votes. It’s essential to exercise caution and think carefully about the long-term effects of this proposal on the county’s financial stability and accountability.

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The Jefferson County treasurer is calling on Texans to vote against Proposition 12, which aims to abolish the Galveston County treasurer’s office. This move is met with strong opposition as it would cause a significant loss to the county and its residents. The treasurer believes that eliminating such an important office would not only be detrimental to the county’s finances but also to the people’s interests. Therefore, it is important for Texans to think carefully before casting their vote and consider the long-term implications of such a decision.

Jefferson County is located in an undisclosed location.

Tim Funchess, the treasurer of Jefferson County, is urging voters to use their right to vote and oppose Proposition 12 during this election cycle. The proposition aims to get rid of the Galveston County treasurer’s office, and while it may seem like it would only affect one county, Funchess believes it could have far-reaching consequences throughout the state.

As one of the 245 county treasurers in Texas, Funchess holds a vital role in managing tax dollars. It’s worth noting that there are only nine counties in Texas without a county treasurer. Funchess emphasizes the importance of understanding the treasurer’s duties and responsibilities before heading to the polls. After all, protecting taxpayers’ hard-earned money should be a top priority for anyone in this position.

According to Funchess, treasurers are elected to act as representatives of citizens in managing their tax dollars.

Funchess strongly disagrees with the proposal to abolish the treasurer’s office in Galveston County. The newly elected treasurer, Hank Dugie, ran his campaign on the promise to abolish the office. However, due to its constitutional status, Dugie cannot carry out this decision alone. The entire body of Texas voters must approve Proposition 12 for this to happen.

According to Proposition 12 supporters, the treasurer’s office is outdated and eliminating it would result in cost savings for taxpayers.

In an interview with KTRK-TV in Houston, Dugie shared his belief that the office he now holds is no longer necessary and is, in fact, a waste of taxpayer money. He emphasized that his campaign was centered around this idea and that he remains committed to the principle that abolishing the position would save taxpayers significant amounts of money. According to Dugie, the office does not provide any additional protection for taxpayers and only serves to unnecessarily drain their wallets.

Despite the argument for abolishing the county treasurer’s role, Funchess believes that the work that is legally mandated must still be completed. However, Funchess also notes that if the role is abolished, taxpayers will lose their ability to have a say in how their money is spent.

According to Funchess, the Texas constitution’s authors established an elected treasurer’s office in each county to maintain a clear division of powers between the commissioners’ court, responsible for setting the county’s budget, and the treasurer, tasked with managing and distributing the funds.

According to Funchess, the hard-working citizens who have diligently paid their taxes to the county will no longer have any accountability. He believes that the removal of checks and balances will result in the loss of their hard-earned money. Funchess stated, “They’re taking that away, they’re taking checks and balances away.”

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