Jackson County presents a new offer in negotiations regarding the Royals stadium

According to a report by the Kansas City Business Journal, Jackson County has presented an alternate proposal to the Kansas City Royals for financing their upcoming stadium.

According to the proposal, the county would be required to allocate an annual payment of $15 million for a total of 20 years, resulting in a sum of $300 million.

In a recent interview with FOX4, Democratic Jackson County Executive Frank White declined to delve into the specifics of the negotiations. He explained that the information they provided to the legislature was kept confidential, and therefore, he would not attempt to break it down at this time.

According to White, his knowledge regarding the funding of stadiums is limited, and he is unaware of the various methods that can be used for the same.

He stated that their organization is heavily reliant on sales tax. Thus, if there is an alternative method to carry out their operations without imposing sales tax, they are eager to explore it.

According to White, the leak of the counteroffer was carried out by an individual in the legislature.

“He said that he cannot vouch for a legislator who prefers to hold press conferences on the front step and discuss their desire to participate.”

As negotiators, we in the administration make sure to keep everyone informed about the latest developments. However, in this particular instance, it seems like the information was leaked before it was supposed to be made public. We hope that in the future, everyone involved will be more mindful of the appropriate timing for releasing confidential information.

While not specifically naming individuals, it was suggested on October 10th by Democratic Legislator Manny Abarca in an interview with FOX4 that White’s office may have been withholding information from them.

On Monday, Abarca responded to White’s remarks by saying, “That’s quite intriguing because if that were true, where did the previous leak originate from?” Abarca expressed interest in exploring this possibility further.

“I’m not quite sure what he’s referencing in his press conference out front. My guess is that he’s referring to our conversations. However, it’s important to note that this is a collaborative effort and requires engagement from all parties involved. We all play a role in the negotiating process, and that’s exactly what we were elected to do.”

The options for the Royals’ new stadium have been narrowed down to just two sites. The first site is located in the East Village, situated near 12th and Cherry streets within the downtown loop. The second site being considered is in North Kansas City, near 18th and Fayette, just outside of Jackson County. The Royals are carefully weighing their options and considering all factors before making their final decision.

When questioned about the possibility of the Royals leaving the county due to the dysfunction between the executive and the legislature, White clarified that it had no connection to the administration.

As skilled negotiators, we are confident in our abilities to navigate the intricacies of this process. While ultimately it will be up to them to pass and add it to the ballot, we trust that each step will fall into place accordingly.

As the saying goes, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Similarly, you cannot simultaneously negotiate and publicly disclose the details of your negotiations. It is essential to maintain good faith throughout the process.

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