Indiana Military Veterans Hall of Fame celebrates 10 years of honoring heroic service

The Indiana Military Veterans Hall of Fame (IMVHOF) is celebrating its 10th anniversary by upholding its mission of acknowledging the outstanding contributions of both living and deceased military personnel. These individuals are recognized for their exemplary acts of combat valor, veteran advocacy, and remarkable community relations.

On today’s episode of All Indiana, we were joined by distinguished veterans SSG Robert “Bob” E. Pedigo, LT. (retired) Richard Storm, and Lisa Wilken, all 20-23 inductees, to commemorate this special milestone. IMVHOF Chair Kevin Ryan was also present to mark the occasion.

Moreover, the festivities will encompass the commemoration of SSG Robert Pedigo’s 100th birthday on October 20, 2023.

On today’s Tasty Takeout, we have the privilege to honor his exceptional journey, making this occasion even more extraordinary.

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