Chances of a Nor’easter with Soaking Rain and Strong Winds Increase: Here’s the Latest

According to current projections, there is a potential Nor’easter expected to occur between overnight Friday, October 20th, and Saturday, October 21st.

According to the latest updates, it seems that the most severe effects of the storm will be concentrated in areas north of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. New York City and southern New England are expected to receive the brunt of the rainfall, but will be on the southern periphery of the heaviest downpour, as per

As per the National Weather Service, Wednesday, Oct. 18 will have mostly cloudy skies followed by a blend of clouds and sunshine on Thursday, Oct. 19. The temperature will remain in the low 60s throughout both days.

As we gear up for the weekend, Friday’s outlook is showing mostly cloudy skies with temperatures peaking in the mid-60s. There’s a high chance of showers headed our way, starting in the mid-afternoon and extending through the evening.

As we move into the end of the week, the system is predicted to progress through Friday night and into Saturday. During this time, we can expect to experience bouts of heavy rain accompanied by strong gusts of wind.

According to the forecast, the storm is expected to subside by Saturday night and the following day, Sunday, October 22, will gradually transition into a partly sunny day.

There is still some ambiguity surrounding the path, duration, and intensity of the upcoming weather disturbance over the weekend.

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