barricaded suspect in a southwest Colorado Springs neighborhood ends hours-long standoff

Springs police were engaged in a situation where they had to convince a barricaded suspect to come out of a residence located on the west side of Colorado Springs.

According to an officer, the standoff began at around 8 in the morning on Sunday and was still ongoing at noon.

According to reports, the situation started when a man who had a restraining order against him arrived at a residence on Ironclad Lane, situated near Lower Gold Camp Road and 21st Street. Law enforcement was immediately notified, and upon arrival, the man barricaded himself inside the house.

According to an officer speaking to 11 News, it remains uncertain whether the homeowner or a neighbor who knew about the protection order alerted the police. However, the suspect was the only person present in the house at the time. The officer further stated that the suspect did not pose any threat to law enforcement and did not display any signs of being armed.

According to a witness who reached out to 11 News, officers were spotted with their firearms drawn. Another viewer reported observing police activity from the nearby Bear Creek Dog Park.

Around 2 p.m. on Sunday, the shelter in place was lifted as the police confirmed that the suspect surrendered peacefully on his own and was taken into custody without any further incident.

According to authorities, the individual in question was charged with domestic-related offenses, specifically for violating a protection order and criminal trespassing. While the identity of the individual has not yet been disclosed by the police, these charges suggest a troubling history of disregard for personal boundaries and safety. It is important to take such violations seriously and hold individuals accountable for their actions.

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