A judge sentences man to over 50 years for his role in the deadly 2021 Lawrence shooting

A fatal shooting incident that occurred in Lawrence two years ago has resulted in a man being sentenced to more than 50 years in prison. The individual in question was found guilty of his involvement in the crime and will now have to face the consequences of his actions.

On Monday afternoon, the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office declared that Antawin Williams has been sentenced to 50.5 years in prison for his involvement in the shooting death of 70-year-old George Oakley in January of this year.

Last month, Williams was found guilty of murder, resisting law enforcement, and carrying a handgun without a license following a two-day court trial in Marion County. At the time of the shooting, Williams was 31 years old.

As per earlier reports, the Lawrence Police Department responded to a shooting incident on January 15th in the 11000 block of High Grass Drive after receiving distress calls. Upon arrival, the officers discovered Oakley, who had sustained several gunshot wounds.

Upon investigation, authorities discovered that Antawin Williams, the perpetrator, had been residing in the same home as Oakley.

According to a news release by MCPO, Williams had a dispute with Oakley in the residence where they were both staying. Williams left the basement and continued the argument with Oakley upstairs. Following the argument, Williams allegedly entered Oakley’s bedroom and fired several shots, which resulted in Oakley’s death at a nearby hospital.

According to earlier reports from the Lawrence Police Department, the shooting incident was a result of a long-standing disagreement between the two individuals involved.

Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears recently announced the sentencing of three individuals involved in a murder, an act of violence at a school, and a sex crime that took place in a public park. Mears expressed his pride in the dedication of the trial teams in pursuing justice for all victims and emphasized their commitment to holding accountable those who cause harm to the community.

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