A judge orders the pastor to leave his Dothan church, but his counsel says that the “truth will come out.”

DOTHAN, Ala.  – A pastor has been ordered to leave the premises of Greater Beulah Baptist Church in Dothan, as revealed in documents that detail church disputes and disagreements. According to the temporary restraining order issued by Houston County Circuit Judge Maurice J.

“John-John” Steensland III, Darryl Roberts has been prohibited from accessing any financial accounts of the church in addition to being expelled from its facilities.

The lawsuit filed by the church, or a group of its members, alleges that Roberts misled church leadership by attaching a page that contained their signatures to the bylaws filed in probate court.

The suit claims that he obtained their signatures from another document. Despite being terminated on July 10, Roberts has refused to vacate his office, leading to a state of perpetual confusion among the church, its facilities, and its finances.

In contrast, a post on a Facebook page that claims the owner is Greater Beulah Baptist says that the restraining order issued by Steensland was not desirable according to the church members.

The post urges members to sign an affidavit at the office of attorney Ben Irwin, who has expressed that the truth will eventually come out.

Roberts, who is listed as the pastor on the church’s website, did not respond immediately to a text message. This is not the first time the church has been embroiled in controversy.

In 2006, members, one of whom is involved in the current litigation, accused the then-pastor and his secretary of mishandling church property and funds.

Steensland has scheduled a hearing on August 10 to decide whether to lift the temporary restraining order.

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