A domestic disturbance at a Warwick home claims the life of a man

A tragic incident occurred in Warwick on Tuesday evening, as authorities investigate a fatal domestic disturbance that took place at a residence.

According to Warwick Police Chief Bradford Connor, officers were quickly dispatched to a residence on Sarah Teft Drive after receiving reports of an individual with a firearm inside.

For hours, the house was surrounded by officers donning tactical gear and carrying rifles. As 12 News reported, the officers tried to communicate with the man through a megaphone.

According to Connor, the officers reportedly heard a single gunshot at one point during the incident.

After getting help from a robot belonging to the Rhode Island Bomb Squad, Connor and his team were able to enter the residence and discover the individual’s lifeless body.

The cause of the man’s death was not disclosed by Connor, however, he did confirm that the individual was in his late 50s.

It is still unclear what exactly happened during the incident, and the details remain unknown. However, according to Connor, there is currently no immediate danger or threat to the public.

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