Poll Reveals Majority of Oklahoma City Residents Object to Sales Tax Funding for New Thunder Stadium

According to a recent poll, the majority of Oklahoma City residents are against the idea of using sales tax funding to build a new Thunder stadium.

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According to a recent poll conducted by Emerson College, more than 50% of Oklahoma City’s population is against a proposed 1% sales tax.

According to a recent poll conducted by Emerson College, more than 50% of Oklahoma City’s population is against the proposal of a 1% sales tax to finance a new arena.

According to recent polls, more than half of Oklahoma City’s residents are not in favor of a proposed 1% sales tax for six years, which would generate funds for the construction of a $900 million stadium for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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According to Nabilah Rawdah, the Executive Director of Oklahoma Progress Now, the Mayor seems out of touch with the desires of the people. She believes that the current NBA subsidy deal places an overwhelming 95% of the burden on taxpayers, making it the worst negotiated deal in the league. Rawdah asserts that taxpayers deserve a better deal and more responsible use of their hard-earned money.

Mayor David Holt unveiled the initial plan in September for Oklahoma City.

As stated by Mayor Holt, Oklahoma City aims to keep its major league professional sports, world-class concerts, and other significant events that not only drive economic growth but also define the City’s quality of life. To achieve this goal, the city is planning to build a new publicly owned downtown arena, which will be the fourth one in the city’s history.

Ever since the plan was announced, the residents of OKC have expressed a great deal of hesitancy towards it.

According to the poll, a quarter of Oklahoma’s population is in favor of the suggested sales tax.

According to Buy Your Own Arena, it has been reported that Holt, in his negotiations with Thunder ownership, has agreed to levy a tax of over $1,200 on each resident of Oklahoma City for the next six years as part of the project. This deal is being considered one of the worst that has been negotiated for local taxpayers in recent times, as several other NBA arenas have been fully funded by private investors.

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