$15K Reward for Information on Abducted Alabama Girl, LaQuanta Riley

The search for LaQuanta Riley, who was reportedly kidnapped in 2003, has gained renewed momentum in Alabama. Her mother, Pam Bolden, is holding onto hope that a recently released age-progression photo and a substantial reward will lead to crucial information about her daughter’s whereabouts. LaQuanta disappeared at the young age of 19, and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has released an updated image that reflects what she might look like now.

A Mother’s Unyielding Effort

When LaQuanta Bolden went missing, her mother Pam Bolden vividly remembers the night. LaQuanta had come to visit her mother on a Sunday, after having an argument with her roommate in Eufaula. She left with an unknown man in a green car, and a few days later, Pam received a voice message from LaQuanta that suggested distress and urgency, though the message was unclear. Pam Bolden, driven by her love for her daughter, has been tirelessly searching for her since her disappearance. She has also been helping other families in similar situations through the Riley Relief Foundation, providing them with support and assistance.

Community Mobilization and Awareness

An event is planned for November 17 at Newtown Community Center in Montgomery to intensify the search efforts and create awareness about LaQuanta’s disappearance. The event’s primary goal is to spread information and offer a platform for individuals to share tips and receive emotional support if they have faced similar situations. Keeping the issue of missing persons in the public eye is crucial, as Bolden highlighted in her discussions with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

LaQuanta’s Description and the Reward Offer

Authorities are offering a $15,000 reward for information that could help find LaQuanta, a Black female with a scar on her nose and distinctive tattoos. Her left arm bears a “Rest in Peace Mesha” tattoo, while her right arm has her name, “LaQuanta.” Anyone with information is urged to contact Central Alabama Crime Stoppers at 334-215-STOP or the Montgomery Police Department at 334-625-2831 to provide crucial leads.

A Call for Vigilance and Action – We must remain vigilant and take action to address the issues plaguing our society. It’s essential that we recognize the challenges we face and work together to overcome them. We cannot afford to remain complacent or turn a blind eye to the injustices that exist. By taking an active role in our communities and speaking out against discrimination and inequality, we can create a better future for ourselves and future generations. Let us stand together and work towards a brighter tomorrow.

LaQuanta Riley’s case serves as a powerful reminder of the persistent hurdles in investigating and resolving missing persons cases. The tireless efforts of her mother, the involvement of the community, and the support of law enforcement agencies highlight the importance of remaining vigilant and taking collective action in such matters. Despite the ongoing search, the hope of finding LaQuanta is still alive, fueled by the renewed attention and significant reward being offered. The community’s response and active involvement could play a pivotal role in providing the much-needed closure to her family.

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