Traveling nurse from Alabama gets her stolen car and dog returned to her in Little Rock, bringing her relief

An Alabama woman has finally been reunited with her beloved dog, which was taken from her during the Fourth of July weekend. The heartwarming reunion took place in Little Rock, Arkansas.

While on her way to Kansas City, April Dooley made a stop in the SoMa district on a Sunday evening. Unfortunately, her car and beloved dog were stolen during her brief stay.

After collaborating with the authorities and the locals, Dooley dedicated the past 48 hours to recovering her missing car and beloved dog.

Dooley expressed that he went through a nightmare for two days, experiencing various emotions. However, the good news is that everything ended on a positive note.

Her primary focus was distributing flyers and rallying as many individuals as possible to assist in what ultimately turned into a manhunt.

Dooley recounted a touching moment when four homeless men approached her and offered to help find her missing dog, Opal. She remembered that at that moment, they believed Opal had been sold, and she couldn’t help but burst into tears. The men immediately comforted her and reassured her that they would do everything in their power to locate Opal. Their kindness and willingness to help moved Dooley deeply.

As they persisted with their search, locals residing in the vicinity mentioned that the perpetrator had entered a nearby area in SoMa. Upon learning this, she promptly reached out to the detectives in charge.

Upon their arrival, the detectives reported their inability to locate her. However, according to Dooley’s statement, “The four homeless men went inside after the detectives came out and they found her.”

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According to her, the detectives took the suspect into custody and convinced her to reveal the location of Dooley’s car and dog, before returning to the scene.

According to Dooley, the instructions he received from her were to head towards 21st and Broadway, where the location was situated behind a fence.

After discovering that her car had been tampered with and a few items had gone missing, she realized that her furry friend was also nowhere to be found. Determined to reunite with her beloved pet, she joined forces with the Arkansas Lost and Found group to comb the area in search of any leads. Together, they scoured the neighborhood, hoping to catch a glimpse of her dog and bring him back home safely.

Multiple business owners in the SoMa district joined in to provide assistance, and finally, she received the call she had been eagerly anticipating.

Dooley recounted a heartwarming incident where a woman from Arkansas inquired about the reward money. When Dooley confirmed its availability, the woman proceeded to FaceTime him. Initially taken aback, Dooley soon realized that it was Opal on the other end of the call.

She expressed gratitude towards the Little Rock community as her dog was returned safe and unharmed.

In just a week, she’ll be hitting the road again, but this time she’s taking extra precautions to ensure that her car doors are locked.

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