Alabama urged to open medical cannabis dispensaries by patients and physicians

Alabama’s doctors are currently facing a dilemma, as it has been three years since medical marijuana was legalized in the state, yet patients are still unable to receive the treatment they need. Despite the legislation being passed, doctors are unable to prescribe medical marijuana, leaving patients in a difficult position.

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission is currently facing lawsuits from several companies seeking to open medical marijuana dispensaries. These legal disputes have caused a delay in the implementation of the substance in the state.

According to Dr. Marshall Walker from Alabama, his patients frequently inquire about the availability of the vaccine. He shared that they often ask him when they can expect to receive it.

Physicians from out of state shared their experiences of using cannabis for medicinal purposes during a meeting with patients and fellow doctors in front of a cannabis clinic in Montgomery. The physicians spoke about the benefits of using cannabis for medical conditions and how it has helped their patients.

According to Corey Hebert, a doctor from Louisiana, he has witnessed a mother administering medical cannabis to her child and subsequently observed the seizures stopping for the first time.

According to Hebert, veterans who suffer from chronic pain or PTSD have found cannabis to be an effective treatment option.

According to him, the organic medication is non-addictive, which sets it apart from several other drugs. Additionally, it’s impossible for a patient to overdose on this drug.

Hebert expressed her concern about the harm she feels she may be causing every time she prescribes opioids to a patient. She believes that it is crucial to have alternative medications and options available to ensure that patients can still receive the relief they require.

According to a doctor at a recent meeting, the number of suicides among US military personnel has surpassed the number of combat deaths since the 9/11 attacks. Shockingly, over 40,000 soldiers have died by suicide compared to 7,000 who were killed in action. However, medical professionals believe that medical cannabis could be a solution to this grave issue and help many individuals suffering from chronic pain.

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