Alabama Port Authority vying for EPA grant

On Friday, June 7, the Alabama Port Authority declared that it is seeking a federal grant to initiate a significant emissions reduction effort at its facilities. The project, called Port Operations With Emissions Reduction Project or POWER Project, will be funded by the Clean Ports initiative of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Alabama Port Authority aims to secure a grant of $69 million to introduce new technologies that will complement the increasing number of electric and clean fuel vehicles already operating at the Port.

Alabama Port Authority Director and CEO John Driscoll is committed to being a good neighbor and steward of the environment as the Port continues to contribute to Alabama’s economy. Driscoll expressed his belief that the grant application, once approved by the EPA, can be immediately utilized for various emissions reduction programs that will modernize Port operations and further enhance their environmental commitment. He also expressed his gratitude for the support of community partners and business leaders as they seek funding for these important projects.

Should the grant be awarded, it would provide funding for various items that would assist the Port Authority and numerous private terminal operators and businesses located in the Port of Mobile.

    • Two electric switcher locomotives
    • Installation of three shore power units (cold ironing) at two marine terminals
    • 36 electric terminal trucks and four electric container top loaders
    • Two electric material handling cranes
    • Two electric forklifts

The installation of shore power units in partnership with Alabama Power is a noteworthy initiative that will directly contribute to reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of ships while they are docked at the Port. This effective solution will enable ships to use external energy sources, instead of idling engines, while being loaded or unloaded. By connecting to shore power, the ships will not produce any engine emissions, resulting in a significant positive impact on the environment.

Leigh Davis, Senior Vice President of Customer Solutions and Business Development at Alabama Power, expressed the company’s dedication to providing dependable and resilient solutions for their customers. She welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with the Alabama Port Authority as they strive to enhance and upgrade their equipment. Davis stated that Alabama Power is fully prepared to back this initiative if it receives approval from the EPA.

Jennifer Denson, Executive Director of Partners for Environmental Progress, emphasized that the POWER Project would remove an impressive 8777 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. She also commended the Port for its continuous support of their work and prioritizing environmentally sustainable practices. Jennifer praised the Port’s commitment to driving impressive economic growth statewide and stated that this grant was another step towards achieving that goal.

Located in the northern Gulf of Mexico, the Port of Mobile boasts a strategic location with convenient access to an international airport and two interstate systems, namely I-65 and I-10, running north/south and east/west, respectively. The port’s ICTF offers direct access to five Class I and four short-line railroads, making it an efficient transportation hub. From Mobile, containers can reach Chicago in just three days, making it an ideal location for businesses looking to streamline their logistics operations.

The Port Authority of Alabama is responsible for managing the Port of Mobile, which serves every county in the state. The public port facilities at the Port of Mobile include container, bulk, and general cargo facilities, which have easy access to around 15,000 miles of inland waterways, as well as interstate, air, and rail connections. Once the channel deepening and widening project is completed, the Port of Mobile will become the Gulf of Mexico’s deepest container terminal.

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