World’s tallest dog Kevin passes away shortly after receiving record-breaking title with a height of 7 feet

Guinness World Records has reported that Kevin, the world’s tallest male dog, has passed away shortly after his remarkable achievement was made public. Kevin was able to stand on his hind legs and reach a height of approximately 7 feet, making him an impressive sight to behold.

According to Guinness World Records, a beloved Great Dane who resided with his family in West Des Moines, Iowa, passed away this week after an unexpected surgery due to falling ill. The three-year-old pup will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved him.

In a heartfelt statement, Tracy Wolfe, Kevin’s owner, expressed the devastation felt by their entire family over Kevin’s passing. “He was just the best giant boy,” she said. Despite the sorrow, Tracy expressed gratitude that Kevin was able to break the record and bask in the spotlight. “He absolutely adored the attention,” Tracy said. She also expressed a common sentiment among dog owners, wishing that giant breeds and all dogs could live longer. “It’s never enough time,” she concluded.

According to Guinness, Kevin was around 7 feet tall when he stood up on his hind legs, but he claimed his record based on his height of 0.97 meters (3 feet, 2 inches) from his feet to his withers.

According to Wolfe, Kevin’s ultimate pastime is taking naps and lounging on the couch. He describes Kevin as a funny and overly friendly dog, who might get too excited and whip you with his tail if you’re not careful. Despite his playful nature, everyone loves having Kevin around.

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When a Great Dane stands on his hind legs, he towers over his owner, Roger Wolfe, as the breed averages around 0.76 m (2 ft 6 in) to the withers.

Guinness announced his death and shared that he was a bit of a scaredy cat who would run away whenever the vacuum came near him.

Expressing their condolences, a Guinness World Records spokesperson mentioned that they were saddened by the news of Kevin’s sudden passing due to unexpected health complications. Despite the best efforts of Tracy and the vet clinic team, Kevin couldn’t be saved. The spokesperson added that their thoughts and support go out to the Wolfe family during this challenging time.

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