Working alongside each other: A father and son’s experience as firefighters

With Father’s Day approaching, a father-son pair is opening up about their experience working alongside each other.

Willie Marshall Sr. expressed his pride in his son carrying his name and pursuing the same profession as him. “To see him actually going into a profession that I went into, it makes me feel good,” he said.

Willie Marshall Jr. has been exposed to the world of firefighting at a young age, witnessing his father in action. Now, as a firefighter himself, he firmly believes that this is the only job for him.

Willie Jr. expressed his appreciation for the valuable experience he gained, stating that he can rely on his father’s expertise and guidance whenever he encounters any questions, doubts, or concerns. “If I have any queries or uncertainties, I can always count on my dad to provide me with the necessary insight on what to do next,” he emphasized.

Standing by his son, not just as a fellow firefighter but in all aspects of life, holds a special place in Willie Sr.’s heart. The support and guidance he provides mean the world to him.

Willie Sr. expressed his pride as he reflected on his son’s successful career in the fire service. He feels privileged to be able to cheer his son on from the sidelines and witness the impact he’s making in the field. As a father, seeing the results of his teaching, guidance, and support culminate in his son’s achievements is an incredibly proud moment for him. He believes that any father would feel the same sense of accomplishment and joy in seeing their child succeed, and for him, it’s especially meaningful.

The pride of both Senior and Junior is evident in their shared family affair.

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