Witness the Unforgettable Promposal of a Lifetime!

It’s that time of year again – prom season! Teenagers everywhere are buzzing with excitement as they plan their promposals and hunt for the perfect attire. Amidst all the creative and memorable promposals, one particular Monty Python-themed spectacle stands out as an all-time favorite.

In May 2023, a viral promposal video took social media by storm, capturing the attention of people from different generations with its humorous and pop-culture references.

Sir Gavin Gillig, known for his knack for breaking things, boldly invites Miss Gianna Masterlasco to the highly anticipated prom, aptly referred to as the “royal gala.” Not content with a simple invitation, Sir Gavin enlists the help of his friends to make the occasion even more memorable.

Sir Gavin’s friend made his presence known by playing a trumpet outside Gianna’s house. As Gianna stood in the doorway, Gavin, a “town crier,” and a knight arrived on a stick horse, accompanied by the sound of hooves created by one of the teens.

Gavin, wearing a crown and a long cape, got off his loyal steed and stood still as the crier posed the crucial question.

Sir Gavin Won Miss Gianna’s Heart With His Clever Promposal

“Listen up, everyone!” the teenager exclaims, unrolling a scroll. “Introducing Sir Gavin Gillig, the mighty son of Sir Trevor Gillig. He is known as the First of his name, a fearless conqueror of fragile porcelain, a master at taming the legendary Beast Chewbacca, a ruthless destroyer of books, and a relentless adversary to all things that smell fresh and clean. Sir Gavin cordially extends his invitation to you, Gianna Masterlasco, to join him at the grand royal gala on 6th May, 2023, in the presence of esteemed companions and delightful camaraderie. It will be an unforgettable event in the annals of history!”

“What is your response, Madam?” he continues.

Gianna, naturally, agrees.

To add a hilarious twist, when the camera turns back to the town crier, it reveals that the scroll he was reading didn’t actually contain his lines. Instead, it prominently displayed the word “Prom?” in large letters.

Gianna received the scroll from the town crier and was crowned by him. The king and the other teenagers joined her on the horse, and together they rode off into the sunset, filled with joy and satisfaction over their successful promposal.

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