While driving her easily recognizable Lamborghini, JoJo Siwa is seen biting her fingernails

It seems JoJo Siwa has a habit of biting her nails, and she’s not shy about showing it off. In fact, while indulging in this habit, she made sure her fans could easily spot her doing it.

As Jojo drove down an L.A. freeway, she caught sight of the singer aggressively chewing on a fingernail. It was as if the singer had skipped a meal and was trying to satisfy her hunger. Jojo even did a double take to make sure the singer was content with the impromptu manicure.

JoJo Siwa is not one to shy away from public recognition. In fact, she fully embraces it by flaunting her face and name on her cars. So, it’s no surprise that a fan was able to recognize her snacking on herself.

Exotic car enthusiasts may be surprised to see a Lamborghini Urus fully adorned in JoJo’s trademark style.

After receiving criticism earlier this year for claiming to have invented “gay pop,” “Dance Moms” alum is not shying away from the attention. She recently released a new anthem titled “Karma” and is still embracing the spotlight.

During our conversation with her, she clarified that she did not intend to disrespect LGBTQ+ icons like Madonna, Elton John, and Freddie Mercury, despite her previous claim. She walked back her statement and wanted to make it clear that there was no malice intended.

During our conversation, she made it clear that she was not the creator of gay pop. She stated, “I definitely am not the inventor of gay pop, for sure not.” However, she expressed her desire to contribute to its growth and popularity, saying, “But, I do want to be a piece in making it bigger than it already is. I want to bring more attention to it.”

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