Westchester Man Sentenced to Years in Prison for Sexually Assaulting 2 Teenagers

Officials have announced that a man, aged 22, will spend over ten years in prison for sexually assaulting two teenagers in Westchester during separate incidents.

On Monday, June 3, the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office revealed that Richard Olmino, a resident of Port Chester, has been sentenced to 15 years in state prison for two separate incidents that occurred in Rye in June 2023.

A security guard at the park intervened during the attack, causing Olmino to flee. The police discovered his cell phone at the location of the incident afterwards.

Authorities were able to track down Olmino at his Port Chester residence on June 25, 2023, using his cell phone. Following his arrest, he has been in custody at the Westchester County Jail and is yet to be released, according to the DA’s Office.

During the sentencing proceedings, Olmino’s two victims had the opportunity to address him directly in court.

During the trial, the second victim also addressed the perpetrator by sharing a statement. In the statement, the victim expressed how the perpetrator took advantage of their kindness, empathy, and generosity. The victim further explained that the perpetrator made something beautiful about them seem ugly. Despite the situation, the victim asserted that they were not at fault and vowed to never let the perpetrator ruin their kind, empathetic, and generous nature.

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