Wes Allen, Alabama Secretary of State, talks about the recently implemented law on ‘ballot harvesting’

Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen has revealed that paid political activists have previously attempted to interfere with elections in the state.

Allen expressed confidence in the upcoming election season for Alabamians, citing the implementation of a new voter integrity system and the signing of a “ballot harvesting” bill into law. He believes that these measures will ensure a safe and secure voting process.

According to him, individuals must personally submit their completed application under the new “ballot harvesting” law, even if they received assistance during the process. Additionally, the recent legislation bans the use of pre-filled voter applications that are received through the mail.

“We aim to safeguard both the integrity of the process and the rights of individuals with disabilities,” Allen explained. “Our approach aligns with the federal language stated in the Voting Rights Act, ensuring equal participation for everyone.”

According to Allen, individuals can continue to receive the necessary support throughout the process. Additionally, he mentioned that a voter integrity database has been implemented to safeguard voter information.

Allen mentioned that they have identified more than 109,000 individuals who have relocated from the state. They are currently working on these lists to ensure that the voter files are accurate and up to date.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall expressed his admiration for the new system.

“Election integrity is of utmost importance to both the Secretary of State and the people of Alabama,” expressed Marshall with gratitude. He appreciates the leadership displayed and eagerly anticipates a smooth and trouble-free election in Alabama this November.”

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