Walmart Worker Aims for Summer Olympics After Making Track & Field Trials Cut

When Dylan Beard arrived at the Millrose Games in February, he didn’t have high expectations of winning. But to everyone’s surprise, he not only clinched the first position in the 60-meter hurdles but also earned the title of the world’s third-fastest hurdler! On top of that, he secured a spot in the U.S. Olympic track and field trials taking place this June, paving his way to potentially represent his country in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. Undoubtedly, his achievements are nothing short of remarkable.

Dylan Beard may seem like a full-time athlete to achieve such a high level of skill, but that’s not entirely accurate. In reality, he works full-time at the Walmart deli counter, and his manager only has positive things to say about his performance.

According to Walmart manager David Davis, Dylan’s work ethic is exceptional. He consistently delivers excellent customer service and goes the extra mile, both at work and on the track.

Working at the deli counter may not be his ideal occupation, but he tackles it with unwavering commitment, just as he would any other task. However, his true aspiration lies in utilizing his master’s degree in public health to pursue a career in counseling.

He expressed, “When all is said and done, my actions reflect on my own reputation. Even though I am employed at Walmart’s deli, it still represents me and countless others.”

Dylan Beard stands out from his fellow Summer Olympics hopefuls for one significant reason: he doesn’t have a sponsor. If he qualifies for the games, he’ll be funding his own journey. However, his current income from Walmart is unlikely to be sufficient. To bridge the financial gap, Beard took the initiative and launched a GoFundMe campaign where his fans and supporters can contribute. The response has been remarkably generous thus far.

Dylan has been training for the track and field trials with coach Reuben McCoy.

The coach praised his unmatched work ethic and highlighted the high character of the man he is.

Dylan Beard, despite his undeniable hard work, shared with Today that he didn’t burden himself with excessive expectations to emerge victorious at the Millrose Games.

“I approached the situation with a relaxed mindset, feeling like I didn’t have anything to lose and so much to gain,” he reminisced.

Let’s send our best wishes to Dylan Beard as he competes in the track and field trials. May he have the best of luck and earn a spot in the 2024 Summer Olympics!

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