WAKA 8 reports that Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office provides support to MPD amid officer shortage

Estee Morrison, a journalist from WAKA Action 8 News, provides an insightful perspective on the subject at hand.

Discussions centered around how other law enforcement agencies can provide support to MPD in combating the surge in crime until additional officers can be recruited took center stage during the recent city council meeting. Councilwoman Julie Turner Beard proposed a resolution during Tuesday night’s meeting, suggesting that MPD collaborate with other agencies such as ALEA and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. These agencies would step in to assist MPD until they are able to expand their officer count. A spokesperson for Mayor Steven Reed mentioned that he was also working on a similar plan. We reached out to Chief Deputy Kevin Murphy of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to gain insight into the logistics of this collaboration. According to him, he and Sheriff Cunningham are in regular contact with MPD’s leadership to assess their requirements. He further emphasized that whenever MPD has called for assistance in the past, sheriff’s deputies have consistently lent their support.

“We have reached out to them and informed them that we are ready to provide assistance if they become overwhelmed with calls or need any support. We are particularly focusing on commercial areas such as restaurants, shopping centers, and places with a high volume of pedestrian activity,” said Chief Deputy Kevin Murphy. He mentioned that the sheriff’s office has received additional funds from the Montgomery County Commission for overtime, allowing them to deploy extra deputies on the roads. He also mentioned that the office is currently almost fully staffed, so they do not face the same officer shortage as MPD. As a result, it would not be a significant burden or strain for them to offer help.

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