Vivian O’Neal from Mississippi making remarkable progress

According to Vivian O’Neal, the current Miss Mississippi, she isn’t entirely certain about the exact height of the shoes worn by her and her fellow pageant contestants. However, if she had to estimate, she believes they are likely between five to six inches in height.

Have you ever wondered why beauty pageant contestants opt for those towering platform stilettos?

According to O’Neal, high heel shoes are popular among pageant contestants as they create an illusion of longer and sleeker legs, which is a desirable trait. However, O’Neal emphasized that the benefits of wearing high heels go beyond just adding height. They also help to build confidence among the wearers.

According to her, height is not the only issue for some girls. “I’ve heard this from other girls too. Even if I wear high heels, I’m only five feet one inch tall, so I won’t look that tall. However, it does wonders for my posture and the way I walk. I feel more confident when I wear high heels,” she explained.

Last year, Miss Mississippi title was won by 26-year-old O’Neal, who credited her added bit of confidence for her success.

She had participated in the Miss Mississippi Competition for the fifth time, driven by her desire to earn more scholarship dollars.

Throughout her time as a competitor, O’Neal has been the recipient of over $30,000 in scholarships from the state competition. These funds have proved invaluable in helping her achieve her academic goals, including earning her bachelor’s degree in 2020 and working towards her master’s degree, which she is set to obtain in 2023.

Upon completing her tenure as Miss Mississippi, O’Neal expressed her intention to pursue a Ph.D. in the fields of education or non-profit management.

As a part of their participation in the Miss Mississippi pageant, the contestants are mandated to choose a service initiative. One of the contestants, O’Neal, has chosen to work towards her CapABLE mission. This initiative aims to provide a platform for students to acknowledge and celebrate their differences while bridging the gap between students with and without disabilities through education. O’Neal’s goal is to empower students to embrace their unique abilities and create a more inclusive environment for everyone.

According to O’Neal, the nonprofit organization with a 501(c)(3) status has successfully impacted over 50,000 students across the country.

O’Neal has not only spearheaded a service initiative, but she has also taken on the task of recruiting young women for the Miss Mississippi Competition.

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