Veterinary Emergency Group expands transparent pet care services to Oregon

Dealing with a medical emergency for your beloved pet can be an incredibly distressing experience. However, there is a new veterinary hospital that aims to alleviate the anxiety associated with such situations.

Veterinary Emergency Group, a renowned emergency veterinary practice with 76 other locations throughout the United States, has recently expanded its services to Oregon. The brand-new clinic, situated in the Tanasbourne area at 11286 N.E. Evergreen Parkway in Hillsboro, operates around the clock to cater to pets in need of urgent medical attention. What sets Veterinary Emergency Group apart is their commitment to transparency and ensuring a comfortable experience for both pets and their owners.

VEG Medical Director Shannon Janda mentioned that what sets them apart is their fully open concept. They allow pet owners to stay with their pets throughout the entire treatment process, including overnight stays.

According to Janda, owners are allowed access to every part of the treatment process. When a patient arrives at the clinic, they are immediately taken to the treatment tables located in the center of the space. There is no separate room where they are hidden away.

According to Janda, the X-ray and surgical suites at the hospital have spacious windows that allow owners to observe the procedures. In some cases, owners have even been provided with gowns and gloves so that they can be present with their pets during the procedure. Additionally, the hospital offers separate rooms with cots for owners who wish to stay overnight with their animals.

According to Janda, the inspiration for this initiative stemmed from witnessing the difficulties people faced when they were separated from their pets during emergencies. He believes that transparency plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of both the pets and their owners, promoting a sense of calmness and happiness.

According to Janda, the hospital has the capacity to treat approximately 50 patients simultaneously. Despite its open-concept design, they can cater to reactive pets who may become agitated by the presence of other animals by utilizing one of their four separate exam rooms. This way, they can ensure the same level of transparency while maintaining the comfort of these pets.

The clinic offers alternative payment options such as CareCredit, Scratchpay, and Affirm to provide pet owners with more choices when it comes to paying for veterinary emergency care, according to Janda.

VEG Cares, a charity associated with the company, utilizes community donations to provide care that would otherwise be inaccessible.

“We strongly urge individuals to consider pet insurance, particularly during urgent circumstances,” she emphasized.

Rachel Bernard, a veterinarian at the clinic, hails from the Clackamas area and expresses her excitement about introducing this level of pet care to the region.

“I’m thrilled to introduce VEG to Oregon because I genuinely believe it represents the future of emergency medicine,” expressed Bernard, while her 7-year-old dog, Spud, enthusiastically greeted other guests at the grand opening. “The entire emergency experience can be incredibly stressful for both pet owners and their beloved companions, but our unique approach aims to alleviate that stress and provide optimal care for all.”

Janda expressed her desire for people to understand the unique experience that VEG offers. With three years of experience working at over 40 VEG clinics, she has personally witnessed the numerous benefits it provides.

According to Janda, while there may be numerous other companies offering pet emergency care, their focus is on revolutionizing the overall experience. Janda believes that this unique approach can make a significant difference in the industry.

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