Venice cycling enthusiasts embark on journey to Georgia

The Pedaling Pelicans of Pelican Pointe recently embarked on a cycling adventure beyond their home state, venturing to the barrier islands of Georgia from April 14 to 17.

Seven couples embarked on scenic journeys across Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island, traversing picturesque beaches, enchanting forests, and notable landmarks. Along their paths, they encountered the historic Horton House, the captivating Georgia Sea Turtle Center, the revered Fort Frederica National Monument, the informative World War II Museum, and the iconic St. Simons Lighthouse.

During their trip, three couples had the opportunity to visit St. Mary’s Island and Cumberland Island National Seashore. They were particularly fascinated by the Dungeness Ruins, which were the remnants of a mansion constructed in the 1880s by Thomas Carnegie, an industrialist from Pittsburgh. Interestingly, the mansion was built on the same site as another mansion called the Dungeness, which was originally built in 1803 by Catharine Greene, the widow of Revolutionary War General Nathaniel Greene.

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