Vehicle belonging to elderly Alabama man reported missing discovered 200 miles away in Kentucky

Authorities in Kentucky are currently on the lookout for a man whose car was discovered abandoned in Dawson Springs. The vehicle was found around four hours away from his last known location in Florence, where he was last seen several weeks ago.

Roy Foster Jackson, 83, went missing on April 7 in Florence, according to a post by the Caldwell County (Kentucky) Sheriff’s Office on Facebook. On Monday, his car was discovered abandoned in a field adjacent to the Trusty Cemetery in Dawson Springs. A thorough search was conducted in the surrounding area over the course of three days. Unfortunately, as of Friday afternoon, Jackson remains unaccounted for.

Lt. James Distefano from the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office in north Alabama informed that the department became aware of Jackson’s disappearance when Kentucky police traced his car tag back to Alabama. Following this, deputies conducted a welfare check at Jackson’s residence in Florence, but unfortunately, he was not found.

According to Jackson’s sister, who is believed to be his only next of kin, Distefano stated that Jackson suffers from dementia, is diabetic, and had not been heard from in several days prior to his car being found.

According to Distefano, it seems like he began driving, got disoriented, and lost his way.

During the investigation of Jackson’s journey from Florence to Dawson Springs, it was discovered that he had passed through Nashville at some point during his drive. Furthermore, his last credit card activity was traced to Russellville, Kentucky, which is approximately an hour away from the location where his car was eventually found.

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