Unexpected Dance Moves of Horse Grooving to Its Favorite Music

Pretty Runaway, a 7-year-old horse residing in Ontario, has a distinct taste in music. Unlike the workers at the woman-run farm, who prefer country music, this horse prefers to rock out. She is given the opportunity to enjoy her favorite music from her stable.

Yes, it’s true – you won’t catch Pretty Runway bopping along to country or pop tunes. Instead, she prefers to headbang to the finest songs from the metal and rock genres. This serene and affectionate mare has even earned the title of “metalhead,” making her a sensation on social media.

Autumn Purdy, the horse’s groom, jokes about the barn’s reaction when they see her, saying, “Oh my gosh, she’s doing this again.” She playfully adds, “She is the worst neighbor.”

Pretty Runway is definitely the center of attention at this farm, captivating not only the caretakers who ensure its safety but also animal enthusiasts worldwide. This melodious creature has garnered an extensive fan base, with people from all corners of the globe unable to resist its charm.

One fan of Pretty Runaway expresses their admiration for Pantera, stating that the horse has good taste. Another fan humorously comments that they would feel the same way if they were reincarnated as a horse.

Autumn, on the other hand, is quick to allay any concerns about how Pretty Runway responds to the music. She assures us that she is thoroughly enjoying herself.

Autumn emphasizes the importance of personally knowing the horse in order to distinguish between when she is stressed and when she is enjoying herself. According to Autumn, the horse is genuinely happy and well taken care of, and not confined to a stall and stressed.

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