Ukrainian President Zelenskyy blames the world for Russian assault

The situation in Ukraine has become extremely dire, prompting President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to cancel his scheduled trip to Spain and immediately return to Kharkiv. This city, being the country’s second largest, is now facing a very real threat from the advancing Russian forces.

ABC News had the unique opportunity to accompany Zelenskyy as he visited a hospital in the city. During the visit, Zelenskyy met with soldiers who had been injured in the northern defense. He even took the time to personally present them with medals of valor as a gesture of appreciation.

As we strolled through the corridors, he expressed his deep significance in being present here.

As the officer read out the names of each injured soldier, he made a stop in every ward. Approaching each bed, the president personally presented the soldiers with a medal. However, due to concerns for his safety, this visit to Kharkiv was quite rushed. The president’s team swiftly moved around the building, acknowledging the risk involved.

“The situation is incredibly grave,” Zelenskyy expressed with concern. “Losing Kharkiv is simply not an option for us.”

Standing near the injured soldiers, he observed the direct impact of the delay in U.S. aid on the war and the situation along the northeastern border. He emphasized that in the past few days, hundreds of lives had been lost or shattered, with many of them being soldiers from this region. It was of utmost importance for him to be present, offering his support to these brave individuals.

We asked him if America is to blame for what is currently happening in Kharkiv.

“It’s the fault of the entire world,” he responded. “They provided the opportunity for Putin to take control. However, now the world has the power to assist.”

Zelenskyy is typically cautious when it comes to criticizing the U.S., but this time he was a bit more candid.

We inquired about President Zelenskyy’s impression of Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s recent visit. This week, the esteemed diplomat revealed an extra $2 billion in aid, supplementing the $60 billion that had been pledged in late April. As Zelenskyy pondered our question, his frustration became palpable.

“We welcome dialogue,” he stated, “but at this moment, we require immediate assistance.”

The visit near the intense fighting on the front line seemed to be nothing more than a mere show of support.

“We only require two Patriot systems,” he stated. “With those in place, Russia will be unable to seize control of Kharkiv.”

I informed him that numerous Americans are concerned about the amount of money being allocated to Ukraine. Moreover, in the midst of this election year, it is bound to become a significant matter that American voters will closely monitor.

“He emphasized that the funding is not simply handed over to Ukraine, but rather invested in American factories, which in turn creates job opportunities for Americans. He also highlighted the broader significance of the fight for freedom, stating that if it were not Ukraine, it would be another country.”

Once the president departed, we circled back to the soldiers he had paid a visit to.

Maxim, who narrowly escaped death in Vovchansk on Wednesday, had his leg elevated with three large metal pins to keep it in a straight position. These brave men are the ones safeguarding Kharkiv. Despite his heroic efforts, Maxim appeared unfazed by the medal he had received.

“It is truly an honor,” he expressed to me sincerely. “However, I would much rather present this accolade to the courageous individuals who were instrumental in saving my life.”

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