Uber and Lyft drivers in Metro Atlanta to go on strike, calling for fair pay and protections

Atlanta Uber and Lyft drivers in Atlanta are participating in a nationwide event known as May Day, which is a day of action.

The demand for fair pay and deactivation protections is increasing day by day.

On Wednesday, app workers from across the nation will be taking part in a national day of action organized by the Justice for App Workers coalition. The event will kick off with a strike in Atlanta, as workers unite to protest against the practices of app companies.

Justice For App Workers is a collective that stands for more than 130,000 rideshare and delivery drivers throughout the United States.

The coalition is currently organizing work stoppages as a way to protest and advocate for higher wages and job protections from rideshare and delivery companies.

Protests and strikes are scheduled to take place in several cities across the United States, such as New York, Chicago, Orlando, Denver, Hartford, Tampa, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Providence, Philadelphia, Miami, Portland, Newark, Nashville, and Charlotte.

The coalition started its journey in New York City in 2022 and has since expanded its reach across the nation.

App workers in Atlanta have announced their intention to take action on May 1st, denouncing the insatiable corporate greed of American app companies. They aim to draw attention to the pressing concerns faced by rideshare and delivery workers in Atlanta and across the country.

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