TWU plans rally following fallout from halt of congestion pricing

The decision made by Governor Kathy Hochul to delay congestion pricing has caused a stir and is still being talked about today.

Indefinitely postponed, the program will not commence on June 30th as previously planned.

As of now, the gantrys that are responsible for reading license plates and collecting tolls are still in place, despite the postponement of the project.

Shortly before 10am on Thursday, Hochul announced her decision, which has sparked reactions from both supporters and opponents of congestion pricing. The announcement has caused a ripple effect throughout the community.

Over the past five years, the plan has been under development.

Motorists will be charged a fee of $15 for driving on streets and avenues located below 60th.

According to the MTA, the program is expected to generate a whopping $1 billion in revenue that will be utilized to fund various transportation repairs and upgrades.

MTA CEO Janno Lieber will be urged to undertake essential improvements to the transit system.

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