Two police officers injured in crash on south side after pursuit, says IMPD

Mocobizscene- Two Indianapolis police officers sustained injuries when their vehicle collided with a civilian’s car during a pursuit on the south side of the city on Tuesday afternoon.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) made an effort to pull over a vehicle on the south side around 3:30 p.m. This action was taken as part of an ongoing firearms investigation. While the exact starting point of the pursuit has not been officially confirmed by IMPD.

According to IMPD, the suspect vehicle failed to comply with instructions to stop and instead continued driving, leading to a pursuit that ended in a crash near U.S. 31 and Epler Avenue. The crash involved two IMPD patrol vehicles and a civilian vehicle that was not part of the original pursuit.

According to IMPD, the crash resulted in injuries to two police officers. One officer was taken to a nearby hospital and is in stable condition. The other officer received treatment at the scene and was released. The driver of the civilian vehicle was examined at the scene and also released.

The police have not yet confirmed the precise number of suspects involved in the incident. However, they have confirmed that they have taken at least one suspect into custody at the address for Capital Place Apartments, located on the 4100 block of Independence Drive.

All three lanes of southbound U.S. 31 are currently closed.

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