Two individuals killed in shooting incident at Texas birthday party

Two young men in their 20s tragically lost their lives during a 21st birthday celebration in Jacinto City, Texas. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office reported that the incident unfolded in the early hours of Saturday morning when the two victims were fatally shot.

Around 50 individuals were present at the event, which featured live music. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez mentioned in a post on X that it remains uncertain whether the deceased individuals were party attendees or potential suspects.

Gunshots rang out in the city, resulting in the injury of at least two individuals. Both victims were immediately rushed to the hospital, but sadly, they were pronounced dead upon arrival, according to Gonzalez’s statement.

The police initially received a report stating that a third person had been shot dead, but they have been unable to confirm this information.

The investigation is still ongoing, and officers are still present at the scene.

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