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According to WBIR, the bodies of two firefighters, Raegan Anderson and Chandler Kuhbander, were discovered in Cocke County, Tennessee. Anderson was last seen at the Liberty County Fire Services Station in Midway, Georgia, and her car was later found in Tennessee. It is a tragic loss for the firefighting community and their families.

The Hinesville Police Department has stated that there is currently no information available on how the bodies were discovered, the vehicle involved, or the circumstances surrounding their deaths. However, investigators did reveal a few details leading up to the discovery of the deceased individuals.

According to WJCL, Anderson and Kuhbander were in a romantic relationship for several years but have recently parted ways. On June 22, a domestic altercation between them occurred at an Olive Garden, as reported by the police. Anderson confronted Kuhbander while he was on a date inside the restaurant, which escalated into an argument in the parking lot. The incident report states that Anderson keyed Kuhbander’s vehicle during the altercation.

Two Missing Georgia Firefighters Are Found Deceased In Tennessee

When Anderson and her daughter went missing, the Hinesville Police took swift action by going to Anderson’s home to investigate. Upon arriving, they discovered that the doors were unlocked and came across a note that suggested Anderson may have been considering self-harm.

Before the discovery of their bodies, Jane Kuhbander, Chandler’s mother, expressed her fears about the situation and her longing for their safe return. “I’m terrified,” she said. “All I want is for them to come home.”

As he spoke to me, he revealed that she had been incessantly calling him and even went to the extent of threatening to take her own life. This was not the first instance of such behavior from her.

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In the interview, Jane recalls the terror she felt when she realized that her son’s disappearance was happening right before her eyes.

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