Two court defeats in one day for Donald Trump

U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon rejected Donald Trump’s request to dismiss the classified documents case against him. Trump argued that the papers were classified as personal under the Presidential Records Act.

Hours after Judge Scott McAfee issued a ruling, denying Trump’s attempts to have the election interference charges against him in Georgia dropped, citing the First Amendment, she made her decision.

According to Cannon, the charges that Trump was attempting to have dismissed do not mention the Presidential Records Act, nor do they rely on that statute to establish any offense.

According to her, considering the reasons at hand, it is not possible to dismiss the allegations of the Superseding Indictment based on the Presidential Records Act.

A comment was requested from a representative for Trump by Newsweek via email.

In a significant win for Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis in her ongoing legal dispute with Trump, McAfee issued an order stating that the Defendants’ motions, which were based on First Amendment grounds, have been denied. However, he emphasized that this decision does not prevent similar challenges from being raised in the future, once a factual record has been established.

According to the order, the Defendants are attempting to have the indictment dismissed based on First Amendment grounds, both as-applied and facially. They claim that this prosecution infringes upon the First Amendment’s protections of political speech and activity, freedom of association, and the right to petition Congress in relation to their alleged conduct. Additionally, they argue that the charges outlined in the indictment are overly broad.

Trump maintains his innocence in both cases, refusing to accept any wrongdoing.

The Context

Former President Donald Trump has been charged by Willis’s office for allegedly interfering in the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Alongside 18 co-defendants, Trump is accused of violating Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act.

In this particular case, Cannon oversaw the accusation against Trump for allegedly unlawfully keeping classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and impeding the efforts of federal officials to recover them.

What We Know

In Fulton County, Trump’s legal team made a compelling argument last week to have the charges against him dismissed.

According to Trump’s attorney, Steve Sadow, all the accusations against President Trump are merely political speech and lack any factual evidence.

Earlier this week, Chief Prosecutor Jack Smith voiced his disagreement with Cannon’s proposed instructions to the jury. He raised concerns regarding the suggestion that Trump may have had a legal right, under the Presidential Records Act, to declare presidential records as personal property after leaving office.

In a letter to Cannon, a Trump appointee, Smith expressed concern that her proposed instructions could potentially distort the trial that Trump is currently facing in Florida.


In a statement provided to Newsweek on Thursday, Sadow expressed the following: “President Trump and the other defendants respectfully disagree with Judge McAfee’s order and will continue to assess their options in relation to the First Amendment challenges. It is noteworthy that the court’s ruling clarified that the defendants have the opportunity to raise their ‘as-applied challenges at a later point, once a factual record has been established.”

In a tweet about Cannon’s decision, legal analyst Joyce Vance highlighted the strategic legal maneuvering of the special counsel, describing it as a significant blow to Trump’s camp.

According to Vance, Judge Cannon not only faced the possibility of removal, but if Smith had requested the circuit to compel her to make a decision or if Smith had appealed a ruling in Trump’s favor, the 11th Circuit could have ordered Judge Cannon’s recusal. However, Vance noted that this is no longer a concern, at least for the time being.

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