TV meteorologist in Miami criticizes Ron DeSantis for passing legislation prohibiting mention of climate change

A meteorologist from Florida has strongly criticized Governor Ron DeSantis for signing a set of bills known as the “Don’t Say Climate Change” laws.

Last week, Governor DeSantis took action by signing three laws that have significant implications for climate policy and clean energy. One of these laws involves the removal of the term “climate change” from various sections of state law. Additionally, a 16-year-old policy that prioritized climate change when making energy policy decisions was repealed.

The bills also include provisions that prohibit the establishment of wind farms offshore and near coastlines. Additionally, they aim to safeguard against potential bans on gas appliances.

NBC6 meteorologist Steve MacLaughlin expressed concern about the state government’s decision to roll back climate change legislation and language, despite Florida facing devastating consequences such as wildfires, flooding, and unaffordable living conditions.

According to Mr. MacLaughlin, despite the state of Florida experiencing record heat, flooding, rain, insurance rates, and the decline of coral reefs, this legislation is being implemented.

“The meteorologist emphasized the importance of the viewers’ right to vote as the most powerful solution to combat climate change. He urged them to remember that they already possess this impactful tool in their hands.”

He added, “Please take the time to conduct your own research and be aware that there are candidates who acknowledge the reality of climate change and advocate for solutions.”

The laws known as “Don’t Say Climate Change” laws have garnered a similar reputation to the 2022 “Don’t Say Gay” law in Florida. This law prohibited discussions on sexual orientation and gender identity in early grade classrooms.

The scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports the existence of a global climate crisis that is causing the Earth to heat up and leading to extreme weather events that pose a threat to communities, particularly those located along coastlines and islands.

Florida faces a significant threat from sea-level rise and extreme weather, making it one of the most vulnerable states. The Florida Climate Center predicts a rise in sea levels of up to one foot in the next three decades. This puts millions of Floridians, including Donald Trump, a staunch ally of Governor DeSantis, at risk of losing their coastal homes.

Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, situated in the low-lying southern region of Florida, may face partial submersion due to the projected rise in sea levels by 2045.

Mr. DeSantis dismisses the urgency of addressing the climate crisis in Florida and instead characterizes the activists working towards climate action as “radical”.

“The legislation signed last week will ensure that windmills are kept off our beaches, our tanks stay filled with gas, and China is kept out of our state,” stated Mr. DeSantis. He further emphasized, “We are taking a sensible approach to energy and rejecting the radical green zealots’ agenda.”

DeSantis’ team took to social media to ridicule the reports concerning the meteorologist’s statement, accusing him of being a “media activist.”

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