Trump suggests renaming Election Day as ‘Christian Visibility Day’ following criticism over transgender holiday

Former President Trump declared that Election Day should be recognized as “Christian Visibility Day” in response to the White House’s proclamation acknowledging Transgender Day of Visibility, which happened to coincide with Easter.

President Biden marked the occasion of Transgender Day of Visibility by issuing a proclamation on Friday. This proclamation serves to acknowledge and pay tribute to the transgender and nonbinary community.

Conservatives expressed their opposition to his proclamation as it coincided with Easter, a significant holiday for many. The Transgender Day of Visibility, observed annually on March 31 since 2009, happened to fall on Easter Sunday this year.

During a rally in Green Bay, Wis., Trump expressed his disbelief and questioned Biden’s decision to declare Easter Sunday as Trans Visibility Day. He misleadingly exclaimed, “What the hell was Biden thinking?” This remark was met with audible disapproval from the crowd, who voiced their disagreement through boos.

“There is a complete disregard for Christians, and I propose that we rename November 5th as Christian Visibility Day. On this day, Christians will come out in record numbers, surpassing any previous turnout,” expressed Trump passionately. He firmly believes that it is time to prioritize the visibility of Christians and celebrate their contributions on this significant day.

At the rally, the former president made a bold declaration, stating that he would take immediate action on his first day in office. He promised to sign an executive order that would halt federal funding for schools promoting critical race theory, transgender issues, and any other content deemed inappropriate in terms of race, sexuality, or politics that may be imposed on our children.

Trump’s campaign and other Republicans were furious with Biden’s proclamation, believing that the observant Catholic should apologize for his statement.

White House spokesman Andrew Bates responded to the backlash at the time, emphasizing that President Biden, as a Christian who celebrates Easter with his family, is committed to uniting people and upholding the dignity and freedoms of every American.

“It is unfortunate that politicians are resorting to divisive and harmful rhetoric in an attempt to weaken our country. President Biden, on the other hand, will never exploit his faith for political gain or personal profit.”

Republicans have consistently focused on social culture war topics, with transgender-related issues, particularly transgender women competing in women’s sports, being a prominent part of their rhetoric.

Last year, Trump outlined a series of policies he would implement if elected, one of which involved restricting access to gender-affirming care for transgender minors. This is not the first instance where Trump has addressed matters concerning the transgender community.

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