Trump praises police for clearing Columbia protesters

Former President Trump commended New York law enforcement for forcefully removing protesters from a Columbia University building during heated demonstrations against the Gaza conflict.

In a show of support, the ex-president commended the police for their swift action in entering Hamilton Hall and apprehending numerous individuals on Tuesday evening. He strongly criticized the college officials and President Biden for their approach towards managing the protests.

During a rally in Waukesha, Wis., Trump described the Columbia protests as New York being under siege.

Columbia University President Minouche Shafik faced criticism from him.

According to Trump, the woman who was in charge of the situation had waited for a long time. She was weak, afraid, and not performing well. Trump believes that using tents would have been a faster and easier solution.

According to the President, law enforcement did an amazing job in handling the situation. They bravely entered one of the iconic buildings, which unfortunately suffered significant damage. The President expressed his disappointment, stating that such landmarks should be protected. However, he commended the police for swiftly resolving the situation in just two hours. He described their actions as a remarkable sight and praised them as the finest in New York.

Protesters who oppose Israel’s military campaign in Gaza took control of Hamilton Hall on Monday, in an escalation of the ongoing campus protests. Late Tuesday, New York police officers entered the building through a window, armed with riot shields and zip ties. They proceeded to arrest several protesters and clear the area.

According to a spokesperson from the university, officers were called to the scene after the school requested assistance.

The protests at Columbia University have gained significant national attention. However, similar demonstrations are taking place at college campuses all over the country. These protests stem from the outrage over the war in Gaza, where thousands of Palestinians have lost their lives. Israel’s response to Hamas’s terrorist attacks in October resulted in the deaths of approximately 1,000 Israelis.

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, criticized Joe Biden on Wednesday for not publicly addressing the protests that are currently taking place across the country. Trump referred to the protests as a “disgrace.”

According to Trump, Biden has been conspicuously absent and silent on the current issue. Trump believes that during times of crisis, leaders should actively address the problem and engage with the people. However, he criticizes Biden for not speaking up and states that even if he did, it would not make a difference.

In a strong message, Trump urged college presidents to take immediate action in dismantling the encampments, eliminating radical elements, and reclaiming their campuses for the benefit of ordinary students seeking a secure and conducive environment for learning.

In a rare public statement addressing the protests, Biden expressed his condemnation of antisemitism and also criticized those who lack understanding of the situation involving Palestinians in Gaza.

Throughout the conflict, Biden has been navigating a delicate balance, emphasizing Israel’s right to counter Hamas while consistently condemning antisemitism in the aftermath of the attack. Simultaneously, he has been advocating for increased humanitarian assistance to Gaza and encouraging Israel to take further steps to safeguard civilians.

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