Trump Goes on Social Media Rampage, Posting 43 Times About Judge Engoron, Jon Stewart, and Other Topics on Easter Morning

Donald Trump was incredibly occupied on Easter morning, engaging in a frenzied social media spree. He took to his Truth Social account and posted and reposted numerous grievances throughout the day.

By midday, the former president had filled his account with 43 more “Truths” and “Re-Truths.”

The majority of the re-posts originated from Conservative media outlets such as the Washington Times, Newsmax, Breitbart, and others. These re-posts featured articles about the White House prohibiting religious-themed Easter egg designs, the White House’s simultaneous recognition of Transgender Day of Visibility and Easter, and a piece discussing Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter, which he openly named and criticized on Truth Social this week.

A repost of Mary K. Jacob’s article from the New York Post titled “Jon Stewart found to have overvalued his NYC home by 829% after labeling Trump’s civil case ‘not victimless'” gained attention. However, Mediaite’s Sarah Rumpf quickly debunked the claim as “laughably wrong,” highlighting that the Post ran with misleading information that originated from an online troll.

“It would be incorrect to claim that Stewart ‘overvalued’ his property ‘by a staggering 829%,’” stated Rumph, emphasizing that this statement is not accurate.

What’s happening here is Pool, Jacob, and other critics attacking Stewart are conflating three different types of real estate values. Whether that’s being done through an innocent mistake or a deliberate effort to spread misinformation, we’ll leave it to the reader to decide

Trump, in line with his “Jesus” allegory and his Bible sales, shared a retweet of a story titled appropriately for Easter, “The Crucifixion of Donald Trump.”

Trump took to social media to express his frustration with New York Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron. He called for the removal of the gag order imposed on him by Judge Engoron. Additionally, Trump confirmed his intention to pay the reduced $175 million bond as mandated by the New York appeals court, despite the initial order for him to pay nearly half-a-billion dollars.

“We will comply with the Appellate Division’s decision and post a bond, equivalent securities, or cash. This further highlights the absurdity and excessive nature of Engoron’s initial ruling of $450 million,” Trump stated.

Trump incorporated excerpts from articles discussing the civil judgment against him by well-known authors such as Byron York, Ruth Marcus, and Cenk Uygur.

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