Trump Furious as Republicans Leave House, Diminishing GOP Majority

Former President Donald Trump criticized Republicans who are retiring from the House, which will further reduce the GOP’s already slim majority in the chamber.

In a recent post on his Truth Social platform, former President Donald Trump criticized Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) for his decision to leave Congress, despite a reported plea from House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA).

“Such a disgrace,” Trump wrote, emphasizing the importance of remembering our cowards and weaklings.

Gallagher’s departure puts the GOP in a delicate situation. The Wisconsin congressman’s resignation is scheduled for April 19, leaving Republicans with a narrow 217-214 edge in the House. Consequently, the GOP can only afford to lose one Republican vote in order to secure the passage of any legislation.

According to Wisconsin law, if Gallagher had chosen to resign before April 9, a special election would have been conducted to fill the vacant seat. However, since he did not resign, the seat will remain unfilled until the new Congress is sworn in and seated in January 2025.

Gallagher’s departure follows closely after the exit of Rep. Ken Buck, which has also had an impact on the GOP majority. Buck resigned earlier this month, expressing his disillusionment with the party and former President Donald Trump.

“I won’t deceive people in support of my presidential candidate or my party,” Buck expressed to NewsNation on March 3. “It greatly saddens me that some members of my party have adopted the belief that as long as we secure the White House, the truth becomes inconsequential.”

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