Trump dominates Republican presidential primaries on March 19 | Fox News

According to Trace Gallagher, the anchor of ‘Fox News @ Night’, there are strong indications that former President Trump will secure the 2024 GOP nomination.

Former President Donald Trump emerged victorious in the Republican presidential primaries held in five states on Tuesday.

The former president is projected to secure victories in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, and Ohio, according to the Associated Press.

On Saturday, Trump made a campaign appearance in Ohio to support Bernie Moreno, a businessman and the candidate endorsed by the former president for the competitive GOP Senate primary in the Buckeye State.

Trump’s recent victories follow his successful clinching of the 2024 Republican presidential nomination last week, where he emerged victorious in all the contests.

The 2024 presidential nomination races are currently in full swing. The contenders from both the Democratic and Republican parties are working hard to position themselves as the frontrunners for their respective nominations. As the race unfolds, it is becoming increasingly clear that there are a few key players to watch out for.

On the Democratic side, some familiar faces are making a comeback. Former Vice President Joe Biden, who served under President Barack Obama, has thrown his hat in the ring once again. Biden, who has a long history in politics, is hoping to build on the momentum he gained during his 2020 campaign. He is seen as a moderate candidate who appeals to a broad base of voters.

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