Transformation of Dog With Vitiligo: From Black to Completely White

A dog named Buster experienced a remarkable transformation in his coat, and his owner recently shared the incredible process on Reddit. Over a span of two years, Buster’s black fur gradually turned white, resulting in a complete change in his appearance. Despite this transformation, Buster remains just as adorable as ever.

Buster’s transformation started with noticeable changes in his face and paws. In the early photos, white spots began to appear gradually on these areas of his body. Eventually, these patches expanded and spread to the rest of his body. Buster’s owner explains that the process began with the dog losing his fur, which later regrew as white instead of black.

According to the pet parent, their furry friend underwent a fascinating transformation. They observed that their pet would shed its black fur and gradually grow new, fluffy white fur. This transition led to a temporary period where the pet had patches of balding areas until the fresh white fur fully developed.

The dog’s astonishing transformation caused by vitiligo left many Reddit users in awe.

One user expressed their disbelief, stating, “I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen the transition.”

Another person commented, “When I saw the first picture, I couldn’t believe it was the same dog. The transformation in those progress pictures is unbelievable! He has become such a handsome boy.”

According to BetterPet, it is likely that Buster has a condition called generalized vitiligo, which affects his fur in multiple places throughout his body. Unlike focal vitiligo, which is limited to a specific area, generalized vitiligo spreads more extensively.

Vitiligo in dogs is generally harmless and should not cause any significant issues for your furry friend. While your dog, Buster, may develop temporary bald spots due to this skin condition, it is unlikely to cause him any additional discomfort or harm.

Buster is absolutely rocking his fresh new hairstyle!

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