Tips from a Georgia doctor on how to keep your family safe during rising temperatures

Over the weekend, the temperature in metro Atlanta has been alarmingly high, posing a potential threat to the safety of its residents.

As temperatures rise with the onset of summer, staying safe in the heat becomes a top priority. To shed light on the issue, Channel 2’s Linda Stouffer sat down with Dr. Dorie Saxon from Kaiser Permanente of Georgia to discuss the dangers of heat and how to protect oneself from them.

If you experience fatigue, headaches, excessive sweating, an increased heart and respiratory rate, nausea, or vomiting, these could be red flags. It’s crucial to stop whatever you’re doing, hydrate, and even seek medical attention if your symptoms are severe. As a health professional, I recognize the importance of taking care of our bodies and listening to what they’re telling us. Don’t push through discomfort, as it could lead to more harm than good. Instead, prioritize your health and well-being by recognizing the warning signs and taking appropriate action.

To stay hydrated and healthy while out in the heat, Saxon recommends increasing your water intake beyond your usual amount.

One great way to keep kids hydrated is by making water more exciting. A top hydration hack for children is to add some fun to their water.

According to Saxon, staying hydrated throughout the day is crucial for maintaining good health. Whether it’s a simple Stanley cup or a vibrant one, what matters is that it’s labeled with the number of ounces it can hold. This helps us keep track of our daily hydration goals and ensure that we are meeting them effectively.

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According to her, adding fruits, vegetables, and mints to our water can enhance its flavor. She personally prefers lemons, but there are endless options when it comes to adding ingredients to our water. Orange slices, berries, and various herbs are just a few examples of what can be used to infuse our water with delicious flavors.

According to Saxon, it’s best to schedule outdoor activities such as sports and playtime in the morning or late afternoon when the heat is not at its peak. During the hottest part of the day, it’s important to prioritize staying indoors in air-conditioned environments.

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